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Sanford Popcorn Scraping Removal Stripping Service. Professional popcorn texture removal refinishing work locally for over 27 years. Affordable Prices And Free Estimates On Large Or Small Jobs in Lee County, NC and surrounding areas.

Full Service Popcorn Texture Removal Contractor. Scraping, Finishing -Prep Work And Interior Painting. Your ceilings will look great when friends, neighbors or relatives visit your home. 

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919-742-2030 Sanford NC Popcorn Scraping Removal Refinish Work
Jimmy's son Adam did some excellent work skim coating, taping, and painting the ceilings in the home I recently purchased. He also did a great job repairing significant drywall imperfections throughout the house. These guys are total perfectionists and go above and beyond to get every aspect of the job perfect. Adam went room by room with me when he was finished to make sure I was happy with everything. I HIGHLY recommend these guys. Drywall Repair
5 / 5